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Agosto 2021

Dios tiene una señal que le dice al mundo quiénes son sus verdaderos seguidores. Ha sido la misma desde el principio de los tiempos. Esta bendice todas nuestras relaciones. Y todavía es importante en la actualidad. ¿Sabe usted lo que es?


Bible Q&A

Why does the Apostle Paul say that Jesus will come “as a thief in the night” (1 Thess. 5:2), when Jesus says that “every eye will see Him” (Rev. 1:7)? Can the Second Coming be both?

6 Ways to Abide in Jesus’ Love

Have you ever wished you could feel Jesus’ love for you more? You know in your head that He loves you, but your heart feels cold and lifeless? Then put these six suggestions into practice and prepare to be amazed.

These suggestions are from Dale Leamon, an Adventist pastor whose ministry was joyless until he disco…


Why Are You Seeking Me?

Jesus’ questions provide direction for our lives as much as His answers because they invite us to examine our motives. This is especially true of the questions Jesus asked His parents on His first trip to Jerusalem for the Passover services. His questions apply especially at this Christmas season.


Why Were the Nine Ungrateful?

The Jews had been blessed by God for centuries, but they let it make them proud instead of making them grateful. The nine lepers’ pride kept them from expressing gratitude to Jesus. Do we ever let spiritual pride keep us from being thankful?


Unsalty Salt? Part 2

Jesus warned His followers not to lose their saltiness. What was He warning against? And how can we make sure to stay salty? Explore the Biblical answers to these important questions in Unsalty Salt? Part 2.


Unsalty Salt? Part 1

What did Jesus mean when He called His followers the “salt of the earth”? It’s a metaphor full of meaning for our modern lives. Salty Christians trust God and live out their trust in their daily lives. It is living like Jesus did – wholly dedicated to God. Salty Christians create spiritual thirst and promote growth.


Jesus’ First Question

The Gospels record over 300 questions that Jesus asked during His ministry. Yet He directly answered only three of the 183 questions that people asked Him. Why? Because questions invite us to think deeply and be changed. Jesus’ question to His first disciples has profound implications for our spiritual lives today.


The Power of United Prayer

United prayer (also called corporate prayer) is a God-given secret to accessing divine power. Discover what united prayer is, why it matters, what the Bible teaches about it, how to overcome your fear of praying with others. Plus, learn how to start an effective prayer group!

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The Improbable Christ

The odds of one man fulfilling just eight of the prophecies of the Messiah are staggeringly small. Yet Jesus fulfilled hundreds. Here are 16 of the major prophecies of His birth, ministry, death and resurrection. They reassure our faith and give us assurance that the prophecies of the Second Coming are true too.


God’s Inspiration or Ours?

How was God’s Word inspired? Learn the difference between verbal, encounter and thought inspiration and discover which one most accurately portrays how the Bible was written. This fascinating study will strengthen your faith in God’s Word and give you a glimpse into the life of William Miller of the Advent Movement.


The Best Book of Magic

Lino Chaiña, a Peruvian witch doctor, is transformed through Bible study and leaves a legacy of faith. We too can be transformed through the study, and application, of God’s Word because it is His specific revelation to us. Learn why the Bible transforms and the four foundational quality of Scripture.


The Reason for Reason

Calamity struck suddenly, unexpectedly. In just hours everything Job valued was swept away. His children, his wealth, even the support of his wife. All was gone. 

Satan had accused God of unfairly protecting Job to win his allegiance. “But now,”Satan predicted, “stretch out Your hand and touch all that he has, and …


God, a Heathen King, and You

God’s interactions with King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2 illustrate how He uses general and specific revelation to communicate with humanity. God used general revelation to catch the king’s attention, then clarified His message through the prophet Daniel. God speaks to us in similar ways as He draws us to Himself.

How to Turn On God’s Alarm Clock

What if begin the day filled with a sense of God’s presence and assured you of His love and interest? You can! God would be glad to wake you up. Learn how to turn on His alarm clock tomorrow morning.