Fulfilled Bible prophecies clearly show that God’s Word can be trusted. Only an all-knowing God can accurately predict the future thousands of years in advance.

The Bible is full of fulfilled prophecies. Daniel 2 accurately predicted the rise and fall of the major world empires of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome. It also predicted the divisions that characterize modern-day Europe. The prophecy ends with the hope-inspiring promise of Christ’s Second Coming.

Daniel 9 gives an amazing prophecy that details the exact year that Jesus would be baptized and begin His ministry, as well as the year of His death and when the gospel would go to the Gentiles.

The Old Testament Scriptures contain over 200 prophecies of Jesus. The odds of one man fulfilling just eight of these prophecies is mind-boggling: 1 in 10 to the 17th power. Yet Jesus fulfilled all 200.

God can be trusted! Bible prophecies confirm it.

La marca de la bestia … ¿Es una vacuna? ¿Un chip de computadora? ¿O algo completamente diferente? Descubra qué es y cómo puede evitar recibirla en este número de Óptica Bíblica. ¡Aprenda también cómo recibir el sello de Dios!

The mark of the beast… Is it a vaccine? A computer chip? Or something else entirely? Find out what it is and how you can avoid receiving it in this issue of Bible Optics. Learn how to receive God’s seal too!

The second angel’s message in Revelation 14 is a warning given in love by our Heavenly Father. Are you listening?

Dios tiene tres mensajes urgentes para el mundo de hoy. La primera es una invitación llena de esperanza. Es importante para todas las personas del mundo. ¿Lo has oído?

God has three urgent messages for the world today. The first is an invitation full of hope. It matters for every person on earth. Have you heard it?

¿Se ha preguntado alguna vez por qué algunas personas adoran los domingos y otras el sábado? ¿Cuál es el verdadero “día del Señor”? Descúbralo en este número de Óptica Bíblica.

Have you ever wondered why some people worship on Sunday and some on Sabbath? Which is the real “Lord’s day?” Find out in this issue of Bible Optics.

Adam and Eve lost their rightful kingdom when they sinned, but Jesus bought it back. Someday soon, the God of Heaven will set up an everlasting kingdom that will never be destroyed.

The French Revolution illustrates the lengths to which Satan and his followers are willing to go in their rebellion against God. The French needed a revelation of God’s character. It is what we need today too.

The “two witnesses” of Revelation 11 represent the Old and New Testament of the Bible. Here’s why…

What will the Second Coming of Christ be like? The Bible tells us it will be visible, audible, glorious and unmistakable. Jesus’ soon return to earth is the blessed hope of the redeemed.

The odds of one man fulfilling just eight of the prophecies of the Messiah are staggeringly small. Yet Jesus fulfilled hundreds. Here are 16 of the major prophecies of His birth, ministry, death and resurrection. They reassure our faith and give us assurance that the prophecies of the Second Coming are true too.