The God Led Bible School was created to show you how to study the Bible for yourself. Our goal is to help you understand God’s truths in the Bible and interpret them accurately.

Each study course is easy to navigate and provides convenient ways to learn, record notes, get feedback as you need it, take a break, and return to where you left off. Every lesson also contains a discussion board where you can engage with other students and thought-leaders in the God Led community from the comfort of your own space.

Prophecies of Hope, our first study course, shows you how to unlock the meaning of the Bible’s important last-day prophecies in Daniel and Revelation. This 26 lesson series will make prophecy easy to understand and introduce you to Jesus—the giver of all prophecy.

COVID-19 has expanded the demand for convenient at-home resources for studying the Bible within a community, and it is our prayer that the God Led Bible School will become your go-to place for a deeper understanding of the Bible and the tools you need to have a closer walk with God.


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