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Our world is changing rapidly as the Second Coming of Christ draws near. How do we make sense of the events unfolding around us? God’s Word has the answers! It offers us an unbiased commentary on the news, revealing God’s perspective and telling us what is yet to come. Bible Optics will help you understand current events through the lens of Scripture.

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Ever need a spiritual boost during the week? God Led’s prayer emails will lift your spirit and give new impetus to your Christian walk and Bible studies. Click HERE to sign up and receive the God Led weekly prayer email:

Each prayer email gives insight into a Scriptural promise and shows you how to pray it back to your loving heavenly Father.

Devotional Articles Archive

A personal devotional life is the key to an ever-deepening friendship with Christ. Read our devotional articles to learn how to study the Bible better and apply God’s truths to your life. Start your journey of Biblical discovery today!

Online Bible Prophecy Seminar

 Are you intrigued by Bible prophecy by baffled but what it means? If you’d like someone to explain how it all fits together, you’ve come to the right place. In the Prophetic Voice seminar, Pastor Marshall McKenzie, takes you on a systematic journey through the great prophecies of the Bible. Pastor McKenzie’s clear presentations make Scriptural truth easy to understand whether it’s your first time to open a Bible or your 7000th time. Begin watching the series HERE today!