Our Focus: Biblical Truth 

The Prophetic Voice offers several types of Bible seminars that make the Bible easy to understand for all ages. We show you how to systematically study the great themes of the Bible so that you can rightfully apply each biblical truth you learn to your daily life.


Full Seminar 

Evenings: Friday 

Saturday -Sunday for 5 Weeks.

How can we know when Jesus will come? If God is so loving, why is there so many bad things happening in our world? Is the United States in Bible Prophecy? How do I study the Bible for myself? Find the answers to these questions and more in this in-depth five-week Bible seminar that focuses especially on the books of Daniel and Revelation. 

“The Prophetic Voice seminars have been very captivating. The information is interesting and the Bible stories are easy to follow. I absolutely love all the Bible verses. Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge, as I have enjoyed learning something new each night of your teaching.” - Attendee, Middletown, KY

 Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of Seventh-day Adventists 

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