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2020 has brought unprecedented change to the world around us. It is no longer business as usual. What is happening? How do we make sense of the turmoil? God’s Word has the answers we need today. Sign up to receive Bible Optics in your inbox each month to help you understand current events through the lens of Scripture.

Devotional Emails

Ever need a spiritual boost during the week? God Led’s devotional emails will lift your spirit and give new impetus to your prayer life and Bible studies. Click HERE to sign up.

Devotional Articles

A personal devotional life is the key to an ever-deepening friendship with Christ. Read our devotional articles to learn how to study the Bible better and apply God’s truths to your life. Start your journey of Biblical discovery today!

Standing on the Promise Videos

These short videos devotionals are like inviting a preacher into your home, but without the sermon! They present Scriptural truths in a clear, simple way to encourage your faith and help you stand on God’s Word.
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