Have you ever wished you could feel Jesus’ love for you more? You know in your head that He loves you, but your heart feels cold and lifeless? Then put these six suggestions into practice and prepare to be amazed.

These suggestions are from Dale Leamon, an Adventist pastor whose ministry was joyless until he disco…

What was the difference between Mary and Zacharias? Why did they receive such different responses from the angel Gabriel?

Jesus’ questions provide direction for our lives as much as His answers because they invite us to examine our motives. This is especially true of the questions Jesus asked His parents on His first trip to Jerusalem for the Passover services. His questions apply especially at this Christmas season.

The Jews had been blessed by God for centuries, but they let it make them proud instead of making them grateful. The nine lepers’ pride kept them from expressing gratitude to Jesus. Do we ever let spiritual pride keep us from being thankful?

Leprosy took everything of value from the Samaritan man. Jesus healed him and gave it all back. The man’s gratitude overflowed in worship.

Jesus warned His followers not to lose their saltiness. What was He warning against? And how can we make sure to stay salty? Explore the Biblical answers to these important questions in Unsalty Salt? Part 2.

What did Jesus mean when He called His followers the “salt of the earth”? It’s a metaphor full of meaning for our modern lives. Salty Christians trust God and live out their trust in their daily lives. It is living like Jesus did – wholly dedicated to God. Salty Christians create spiritual thirst and promote growth.

The Gospels record over 300 questions that Jesus asked during His ministry. Yet He directly answered only three of the 183 questions that people asked Him. Why? Because questions invite us to think deeply and be changed. Jesus’ question to His first disciples has profound implications for our spiritual lives today.

United prayer (also called corporate prayer) is a God-given secret to accessing divine power. Discover what united prayer is, why it matters, what the Bible teaches about it, how to overcome your fear of praying with others. Plus, learn how to start an effective prayer group!

“More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson. History overflows with stories of what intercessory prayer has wrought. They show us what God can do when we partner with Jesus in the work of praying for the salvation of others. Learn how to pray effectively for others.

Jesus’ model prayer is beautiful and brief. We’ve heard it often, but what does it really mean for us today? Here are six truths the Lord’s Prayer reveals about prayer and our relationship with God.

“God answers prayer.” We’ve all heard it. Believed it. Questioned it. So how do we pray so God can – and will – answer? The story of King Hezekiah gives us insight into praying prayers that God loves to answer

Jesus is the greatest treasure that we can have! How do we make sure not to miss Him in our Bible study? Jesus tells us how in the parable of Matthew 13:44. Also discover practical ways to make sure you see Jesus in every part of the Bible.

How do you stay joyful when life is crumbling around you? Jesus told His disciples the secret the night before His crucifixion. Discover His secret and five simple ways to live it out in this article.

Many question the validity of the Old Testament Scriptures. Jesus didn’t! In fact, His life shows us four important ways that He upheld Scripture. He endorsed it as authoritative, embodied it in His life, exalted it as the supreme guide for life, and enlarged upon its meanings and applications to life.

The odds of one man fulfilling just eight of the prophecies of the Messiah are staggeringly small. Yet Jesus fulfilled hundreds. Here are 16 of the major prophecies of His birth, ministry, death and resurrection. They reassure our faith and give us assurance that the prophecies of the Second Coming are true too.

An Amazing Archaeological Find The Bedouin shepherds had no idea they would find one of the most important archeological discoveries of the 20th century that day in 1946. Their search for pasturage led them into a sandy canyon between sheer cliffs on the north shore of the Dead Sea. They noticed an opening in the cl…

Jesus promised His followers the Holy Spirit to be their Helper and to guide them into all truth. Giving us understanding of God’s Word is still one of the Holy Spirit’s most important jobs. Learn five ways the Holy Spirit helps us comprehend the Bible and why it matters so much in today’s world.

How was God’s Word inspired? Learn the difference between verbal, encounter and thought inspiration and discover which one most accurately portrays how the Bible was written. This fascinating study will strengthen your faith in God’s Word and give you a glimpse into the life of William Miller of the Advent Movement.

The Bible was given by inspiration of God yet is expressed in human words. In this article we learn how the Bible was written by humans, yet is fully trustworthy because God is its author. We also study the meaning of two key verses in the Bible on inspiration: 2 Peter 1:21 and 2 Timothy 3:16.

God gave us the clearest revelation of His character through Jesus’s incarnation into human flesh. Discover the seven unique facets of God’s character that are most clearly revealed through the incarnation. Learn how to get to know Jesus for yourself through the Scriptures.

Lino Chaiña, a Peruvian witch doctor, is transformed through Bible study and leaves a legacy of faith. We too can be transformed through the study, and application, of God’s Word because it is His specific revelation to us. Learn why the Bible transforms and the four foundational quality of Scripture.

Calamity struck suddenly, unexpectedly. In just hours everything Job valued was swept away. His children, his wealth, even the support of his wife. All was gone. 

Satan had accused God of unfairly protecting Job to win his allegiance. “But now,”Satan predicted, “stretch out Your hand and touch all that he has, and …

Moses loved this place at the foot of Mount Horeb. He came here often with his father-in-law’s flocks to be talk with God amid the desolate grandeur of the desert. The majesty of the rocks, the life-saving oases, the desert creatures – all revealed his Creator’s power.

God’s interactions with King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2 illustrate how He uses general and specific revelation to communicate with humanity. God used general revelation to catch the king’s attention, then clarified His message through the prophet Daniel. God speaks to us in similar ways as He draws us to Himself.

God reveals Himself in many ways because He wants you to know Him personally. He reveals Himself to us each day through nature, people and history. But His clearest revelations are through His Words as recorded in the Bible and through Jesus, the Living Word.

God designed our minds to remember. In the Bible He gave the Israelites seven divine memory aids to use. They still work and will bless your Bible study! Learn what they are here.

Application of Scripture is putting into action in our lives what God shows us in our Bible study. It’s where the transformation begins. This article explores the steps God takes us to transform us by His Word.

God wants you to ask Him questions! He promises to show you “great things, which you do not know”. He wants to increase your understanding. Learn how to have a conversation with God during your daily Bible study time.

There are many free tools available to use that will help you gain more from your Bible study time. Learn what they are and how to use them.

Sharing what you are learning in your Bible study will help you understand and remember better. It will also give you the joy of encouraging others in their walk with God. Learn why God wants you to share and how to do it simply and effectively.

The way we read the Bible matters because it affects whether we discover God’s truth or our own ideas. Learn how to read carefully, contextually and systematically.

Do you want to hear God’s voice speaking to you personally in His Word? Then you must come with a willing heart. Learn how to cultivate one.

Faith is an attitude of trust in God that we can choose to adopt. Learn what it means and how to let God grow your faith.

Jesus’ days, like ours, overflowed people and work. How did he survive? It was in quiet time alone with God. This can be our solace too. But how do we find time alone with God? This article will help you find a quiet place alone with God.