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5 Keys for Enjoying Your Bible Today


It’s short, practical and will lead you to a series of articles on how to study your Bible and enjoy it. The other mini-series, How God Reveals Himself to Humanity and How the Bible was Inspired, will strengthen your faith in God's Word. 


How to Study Your Bible & Enjoy It


Key #1 - Making a Time and Place for Bible Study - Video with Pastor Marshall McKenzie 

  1. How to Turn On God’s Alarm Clock - Have trouble making time for God? Find out God’s answer to our daily overwhelm. 

  2. Finding a Quiet Place Alone with God - Jesus struggled to find a private place to be alone with God in the busyness of His ministry. What was His solution? 


Key #2 - Preparing our Hearts for Bible Study - Video with Pastor Marshall McKenzie

  1. Faith - Essential Preparation for Bible Study - Do you feel you lack faith? Learn how to grow your faith in God and His Word. 

  2. A Willing Heart for Bible Study - Discover four simple ways to prepare your heart to listen to God through the Bible.


Key #3 - How to Read the Bible - Video devotional with Pastor Marshall McKenzie

  1. How to Read the Bible - It matters how we read the Bible. Learn how to read carefully, contextually, and systematically so you can be transformed by God’s Word.

  2. Tools for Bible Study - Would you like to go deeper in your Bible study? Discover a number of free tools that you can use to dig deep.


Key #4 - A Greater Understanding - Video devotional with Pastor Marshall McKenzie

  1. Conversation with God - Bible study is the basis for a wonderful conversation with God. Learn how to pray and listen to God as you study.

  2. How to Be Transformed by God's Word - Jesus invites you to join Him in a life-changing adventure through Bible study. Learn the five keys to transformation.

Key #5 - Remembering by Sharing - Video devotional with Pastor Marshall McKenzie

  1. God's Seven Tools for Remembering - God wanted His people to remember so He gave them seven specific memory tools to use. They still work!

  2. Why God Wants You to Share What You Learn - Sharing what God teaches you is one of the most effective ways to remember. Learn six simple ways to share your faith. 


How God Reveals Himself to Humanity


How God Communicates with Us - Video devotional with Pastor Marshall McKenzie

  1. Five Ways God Reveals Himself - God is constantly revealing Himself to humanity through general and specific revelations. Do you know how to recognize the different ways God communicates? 

  2. God, a Heathen King, and You - The story of King Nebuchadnezzar demonstrates how God communicates with humanity. Notice how God used the different forms of general and specific revelation. 

  3. Nature's Role, God's Call - Learn how God speak to us through nature from the story of Moses at the burning bush. 

  4. The Reason for Reason - God gave us the ability to think and reason, but people often use it to think themselves away from God. How does God intends us to use reason?

  5. The Best Book of Magic - The fascinating story of a witch doctor’s transformation demonstrates the transformative power of God’s most important form of specific revelation. 

  6. Jesus - God’s Perfect Revelation - Want to see God most clearly? Then look at Jesus, our beautiful Savior and the exact representation of the Father.


The Inspiration & Accuracy of the Bible 

  1. God’s Thoughts in Human Words - What does the Bible tell us about how God gave us His written Word? Explore the Bible's two key passages on the topic of inspiration. 

  2. God's Inspiration or Ours? - There are three main theories on how God inspired the Bible. Which one builds faith and accurately fits what the Bible teaches? 

  3. 5 Ways the Holy Spirit Helps Us Understand the Bible - Before returning to heaven, Jesus promised His followers the gift of the Holy Spirit. Why? One of the main reasons is to help us understand the Bible. 

  4. The Dead Sea Scrolls & Gospel Prophet - An amazing archeological find confirms our faith that the Scriptures have been. accurately preserved through the centuries and show us how important the gospel is to God. 


Christ in the Word

  1. The Improbable Christ  - The odds of one man fulfilling just eight of the Old Testament's prophecies of the Messiah are staggeringly small. Yet Jesus fulfilled hundreds! Explore 16 Messianic prophecies that confirm our faith in God's Word. 

  2. How Did Jesus View the Old Testament? - Some people today believe the Old Testament is no longer valid. Is that what Jesus thought? NO! Discover how Jesus upheld the Old Testament Scriptures in His life and ministry.

  3. Falling in Love with Jesus - How do you stay joyful when life is crumbling around you? Jesus told His disciples the secret the night before His crucifixion. Learn the secret and five simple ways to put it into practice in your life today.

  4. Discovering Christ in Scripture - All of Scripture is about Jesus. The Old Testament points to Him. The New Testament reveals Him. Yet sometimes in our Bible study, we miss Him altogether. How can we stay focused on Jesus? 

The Gift of Prayer

  1. Does God Answer Prayer? - The story of King Hezekiah shows us that God does indeed answer prayer. It also teaches us some important lessons about praying the kinds of prayers God loves to answer.

  2. Six Truths the Lord's Prayer Teaches Us - Jesus' model prayer is beautiful and brief. We've heard it often, but what does it really mean for us today? Here are six truths the Lord's Prayer reveals about prayer and our relationship with God.

  3. Intercessory Prayer - The Prayer that Changes the World - History overflows with stories of how God has worked in answer to intercessory prayer. Learn what intercessory prayer is and how to pray effectively for others.

  4. The Power of United PrayerUnited prayer is a God-given secret to accessing divine power. Discover what united prayer is, why it matters, what the Bible teaches about it, and how to overcome your fear of praying with others. Plus, learn how to lead an effective prayer group!

Questions Jesus Asks

  1. Jesus' First QuestionJesus asked over 300 questions in the Gospels. His first question applies to us just as it did to His first disciples. "What do you seek?"

  2. Unsalty Salt? Part 1 -  What did Jesus mean when He called His followers the "salt of the earth"? It's a metaphor full of meaning for our modern lives.

  3. Unsalty Salt? Part 2 - Jesus warned His followers not to lose their saltiness. What was He warning against? And how can we make sure to stay salty? Explore the Biblical answers to these important questions here.

  4. Are You Grateful? - Leprosy took everything of value from the Samaritan man. Jesus healed him and gave it all back. The man's gratitude overflowed in worship.

  5. Why Were the Nine Ungrateful? - The Jews had been blessed by God for centuries, but they let it make them proud instead of making them grateful. The nine lepers' pride kept them from expressing gratitude to Jesus. 

  6. Why are You Seeking Me? - Jesus' questions provide direction for our lives as much as His answers because they invite us to examine our motives. This is especially true of the questions Jesus asked His parents on His first trip to Jerusalem for the Passover services. His questions apply especially at this Christmas season.

  7. The Questions Before Christmas - What was the difference between Mary and Zacharias? Why did they receive such different responses from the angel Gabriel? 

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