God gave us the clearest revelation of His character through Jesus’s incarnation into human flesh. Discover the seven unique facets of God’s character that are most clearly revealed through the incarnation. Learn how to get to know Jesus for yourself through the Scriptures.

Lino Chaiña, a Peruvian witch doctor, is transformed through Bible study and leaves a legacy of faith. We too can be transformed through the study, and application, of God’s Word because it is His specific revelation to us. Learn why the Bible transforms and the four foundational quality of Scripture.

Calamity struck suddenly, unexpectedly. In just hours everything Job valued was swept away. His children, his wealth, even the support of his wife. All was gone. 

Satan had accused God of unfairly protecting Job to win his allegiance. “But now,”Satan predicted, “stretch out Your hand and touch all that he has, and …

Moses loved this place at the foot of Mount Horeb. He came here often with his father-in-law’s flocks to be talk with God amid the desolate grandeur of the desert. The majesty of the rocks, the life-saving oases, the desert creatures – all revealed his Creator’s power.

God’s interactions with King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2 illustrate how He uses general and specific revelation to communicate with humanity. God used general revelation to catch the king’s attention, then clarified His message through the prophet Daniel. God speaks to us in similar ways as He draws us to Himself.

God reveals Himself in many ways because He wants you to know Him personally. He reveals Himself to us each day through nature, people and history. But His clearest revelations are through His Words as recorded in the Bible and through Jesus, the Living Word.